Scale-Out Global Deduplication

Goodbye data redundancy. Hello bandwidth savings and performance.

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The Benefits of Druva’s Global Deduplication Technology

True Global Deduplication

True Global Deduplication

Single-instance data storage into the petabytes across all your systems and sites — overcome legacy redundancies, and drive down costs

Blazing Fast Data Transfers

Blazing Fast Data Transfers

Dramatically reduce data transmitted across the network and WAN, and achieve aggressive RPOs in the cloud

Smarter, CostEffective Storage

Smarter, Cost Effective Storage

Global deduplication, ever incremental and auto-tiering deliver efficient, durable, always available, and cost optimized cloud storage

Globally Deduplicate All Your Data with Cloud

Druva’s patented global deduplication works across ALL your data, regardless of location, ensuring servers, cloud applications and end-user devices benefit from efficient bandwidth utilization while also minimizing the amount of data that needs to be transferred — significantly improving RPOs and RTOs. A native cloud approach maximizes cloud elasticity and availability for any customer workload — and avoids the bottlenecks and data bloat of site-specific dedupe appliances and systems retrofitted for cloud that utilize inefficient on-premises storage models.

“We are seeing a 64.5% reduction in total cost of ownership.”

JP Saini, CIO,
TRC Companies Inc.

Smaller = Smart, Efficient and Cost Effective

Druva’s source-side global deduplication facilitates successful backups even via networks of varying quality by producing lightweight, efficient data transfers that require less bandwidth and fewer CPU resources. Combined with intelligent source-side caching, and an ever-incremental storage model, customers achieve a significant reduction in total data size as well as data transferred, increasing backup speeds and lowering TCO up to 60%.

Completely Non-Disruptive for Admins & Users

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By reducing the amount of data required to transfer, Druva produces backups that are faster and lighter, minimizing the impact of backup processes on system and network resources. Server administrators achieve fully-automated high-performance backup without compromising backup windows. And, users can work productively while their devices backup quickly and quietly in the background.

“Druva is an effective solution that completely meets IT expectations without requiring user intervention or maintenance.”

Rajesh Kumar Sharma, Assistant Manager, PwC


Scalability Without Boundaries

No matter how much data your enterprise generates, how large your servers grow, or how many users you add, Druva’s global deduplication can scale effectively without impacting backup performance. And, since it’s cloud-native, there are no limits to the size of the deduplication index – dedupe into the Petabytes and take full advantage of 80%+ data reduction.

“Right now our global deduplication savings is 21.49 [to 1]”

Jessica Fletcher, IT Analyst Supervisor,
Pall Corporation

The Power of Enterprise-Wide Global Deduplication

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