Backup & Restore

Within the inSync client, users can easily view the most recent and scheduled backups, manually initiate a backup, pause an in-progress backup, add additional backup content, and initiate restores.

Restore Backup Data

Users can self-restore data from any time-stamped snapshot, as well as select the device and location on that device to which they want to restore data.

Sync & Share

With inSync Share, users have an environment where they can easily and effectively collaborate, while enabling IT to maintain security and control over all aspects of sharing activities. inSync Share is supported on all mobile devices and lets users quickly access their data from any device.

Client Settings

If enabled by IT, users can customize their backup behavior. This includes the abilities to schedule backups to occur at certain intervals, pause backups if the device battery is below a certain threshold, configure the available bandwidth and CPU priority for backups, and opt out of backups when connected to certain networks.