Deeper Visibility into End-user Data

Identify risks and address compliance across mobile and cloud data

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Druva inSync is the industry’s first solution to combine user data across laptops, mobile, and cloud applications to provide centralized visibility, full-text search, and controls to meet enterprise data governance needs. From a single, unified dashboard, InfoSec and compliance teams can easily search across all end-user data, automate compliance monitoring, and identify data risks — without impacting employee productivity.

Investigative Search Across All End-user Data

By consolidating end-user data and providing integrated full-text search indexing, extensive auditing, and intuitive data visibility, inSync enables organizations to gain greater insight into potential business risks and to assess issues quickly.

  • Elastic indexing is highly-secure, scalable, and on-demand. It indexes petabytes of data quickly — overcoming the limitations posed by traditional indexing approaches
  • Federated, full-text search lets IT personnel perform fast, deep-text-searches of information across all users, devices, and storage locations
  • Advanced mobile data collection uses innovative technology to capture data from desktop computers, laptops, and mobile devices, such as Android, to provide full forensic visibility
  • Compliance with data-privacy needs by using settings that serve as ethical walls, prevents administrators from viewing content and audit trails, ensuring regional data privacy regulations are met

A 360 Degree View Into End-user Data and Interactions — Laptops, Mobile & Cloud

inSync’s simple, integrated dashboard and easily accessible, detailed audit trails enable organizations to monitor and analyze end-user data and assess whether compliance guidelines are being met.

  • Consolidated data dashboard enables IT teams to manage policies, monitor and assess data risks, and review activity history to ensure compliance with regulations
  • Tamper-proof, deep audit trails provide a chronological view of data activities (by users and administrators) such as adding users, altering policies, and changing legal holds
  • Reports and alerts monitor users, devices, files, versions, and modification dates
  • Aggregate and individual user views provide multiple ways to monitor data, letting administrators drill-down to deeper details as needed

Automate Compliance Management

inSync’s proactive compliance capabilities ensure enterprises stay ahead of potential data risks across end-user data sources and, when needed, quickly take remediating action.

  • Automated monitoring searches across end-user data sources and alerts stakeholders of potential risks (e.g. PHI, PII, PCI)
  • Preconfigured compliance templates provide pre-built, tested configurations for common data regulations to aid the organization in deploying effortlessly
  • Customized search criteria help IT teams create and regularly scan for company-specific queries to find data with specific keywords or data patterns

"We now efficiently manage the full lifecycle of data across time, device and geography. Druva makes this possible."

- Shah Nawaz,
Director of IT, Shire

"We now efficiently manage the full lifecycle of data across time, device and geography. Druva makes this possible."

- Shah Nawaz,
Director of IT, Shire

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