Case Study:

America’s Leading Universities Choose Druva inSync to Protect Critical Data

“Druva inSync is easy to set up and manage with low overheads on bandwidth and system resources. The deduplication is great for saving storage.”

Dave Underwood, Principal IT Specialist, Division of Agriculture and Natural Resources, UC Davis


  • Critical research data stored only on laptops or in SaaS applications
  • Exploding storage growth across different campuses
  • Continuous threat of unauthorized access
  • Limited IT budget


  • Druva inSync provides centrally managed data protection to meet the needs of the biggest universities

Results with Druva

  • 80% savings in bandwidth and storage utilization
  • Centralized dashboard to manage all end-user data across all endpoints, cloud applications and locations
  • Visibility into sensitive at-rest data for early notification of potential risks

Leading educational institutions look to Druva to protect their valuable data, including organizations like Carnegie Mellon, Duke, Brown, Johns Hopkins, and UC Davis. Common across all of these universities is a struggle with the proliferation of devices and cloud applications among faculty, staff and students, causing a data explosion across campuses.

The sheer volume of data, along with its highly distributed nature, and a need to maintain long-term records necessitate a secure and reliable backup solution that has low network overhead and is scalable enough to handle rapid data growth. Additionally, the solution must use little storage space, while maintaining multiple versions of data.

In addition to these data protection and management concerns, many universities have a diverse workforce spread across multiple campuses, as well as departments with differing standards for backup, user adoption, policy management, and troubleshooting. Complying with regulatory and privacy policies is an additional challenge these highly heterogenous environments struggle with, since IT must ensure that student and research data is protected as required.

Protecting Critical Data with Druva inSync

The Department of Agriculture at University of California, Davis, selected Druva inSync as their data protection and governance solution. The simple interface encouraged early adoption, while data deduplication technology makes backups both fast and invisible, and saves 80% in bandwidth and storage costs. IT can manage the entire backup and restore process through inSync’s unified dashboard, ensuring that data across endpoints and cloud applications is protected and available.

Users are able to easily self-restore data on their devices, reducing the burden on IT help desks. Data is available from any device, ensuring easy access for faculty moving between the field, office and classroom.

Granular policy controls let IT manage data as required, regardless of location or device. With automated compliance management, IT can monitor at-rest research and student data, receiving early notification of potential data risks and making it possible to resolve issues quickly. Plus, features like anomaly detection look for unusual data activity, such as large amounts of data encryptions, enabling IT to proactively respond to malware or other threats.

“My concern has always been that data needs to be protected, no matter where it resides. Druva is part of my solution.”

Jorge Mata, Chief Information Office, Los Angeles Community College District

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